December 2016 - Mary Sullivan

Mary GAs I think of this program you have embarked on I could/can only start my response by saying… you are asking the wrong people to tell their story. Because my nomination would be able to help you write a novel with her stories with her customers, and her saga with me.

Without picking one of the many times this particular customer service manager has helped me, I can only say that she is the best vendor representative that I have worked with in my 26 years of employ in the roofing industry.

Mary Sullivan is not considered a vendor, customer service rep, territory manager or agent. She is my partner. I owe much of my success as a team leader and the prosperity of my business to this single individual. She has taught me to understand and appreciate patience & that the goal truly is to provide the best level of service that we strive for.

Therefore to be short and sweet…

Ms. Mary Sullivan is my nomination for "My Hunter Hero"

~ Anonymous


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