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Rob DehaanI am writing you to tell you how pleased we are to be working with Rob DeHaan.  He always does his best to provide fast turnaround on quote requests.  He often gives unsolicited options that he knows will be a benefit to our contractors.  A little while back we had a job where a new estimator made a mistake and came up short because he incorrectly calculated the foam adhesive. I called Rob and he suggested the extended panels and that suggestion may have saved this guy's job.  A couple times I send him a quote request and shortly after getting his out of office message I would get my quote, incredible! As you are aware we have numerous options as to what vendors we can use to provide quotes which I have done this in the past, Rob's ability to provide cost effective options and responsiveness is unmatched. I look forward to continue our great working relationship into the future.

~ Rich S., Ohio


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