HHMariaTooeleNovember 2015 - Thank you Maria for your hard work in Tooele Utah!

"....Maria always goes over and beyond our expectations!  She puts out the work of two people!..."

~ Margie, Portland ME





October 2015 - Thank you Hunter Panels!

"Just to let you know that Hunter is the best kick A$$ ISO company ever.... I was forced to order the ISO of another manufacturer who will remain nameless and I placed the order today and cant get my trucks until next Wednesday!!!   .....my Hunter can always get me my stuff the next day and that's why I use Hunter as my main ISO...."

~ Caryn

September 2015 - Congratulations Hunter Panels Smithfield PA

" ...Yesterday I was at Jefferson Morgan HS for my daughters volleyball game and took a pic of our material in the parking lot....as I took the picture a worker came up to me asking me what I was doing and I explained to him this insulation came from the plant where I work.  He shook my hand and said this was some of the best material he has ever worked with on a roof. I told him Thank you and we do our best to put quality material out there."

August 2015 - Congratulations Tyler Kuhn

"I wish I would have know about the Hunter Heros a while back. I would have nominated Tyler Kuhn at least 1 million times.  She is the friendliest and hardest worker in the industry!  It is an absolute pleasure to place my orders with Tyler.  Derbigum and Hunter have a good partnership and I truly believe that Tyler Kuhn is a big reason behind that.  I have told her many times, she is awesome sauce!  Thank you!"

~Jocelyn, Derbigum

August 2015 - Congratulations Rob DeHaan

"Dear Jason and Candy -

....one of the largest NYC contractors called me to thank us for the wonderful job Rob did on a small tricky but important canopy to a swanky Upper East Side Apartment. This job had everything - not enough drains, limited height, reversed deck slope, mixed slopes, bad drain placement. Everything came out perfectly and they are extremely happy.  Good Job to Rob!"

 Congratulations Richard Pierson

“...Richard Pierson from Hunter Tooele Plant is extremely helpful. He always takes care of me. As you can see, I needed to try to switch the ship dates on two orders, and he took immediate care of it.  This is typical of how easy it is to work with the people at Hunter. Please let them know that they are fantastic and that I have complete trust in them. thanks...”

~ Mike, Denver

 Congratulations Christine Stewart

"I wish I could buy ever single piece of ISO from ya'll....service means so much to me and Christine is amazing!  I just wanted you guys to know how awesome she is!"

~ Wendy,  MS

July 2015 - Congratulations to Keith Bidwell and Carolyn Teeter

Nominated By Mary Coultrap " Extra thanks to Carolyn and Keith for their help with a nice sized project yesterday that we almost lost.  They both went way above and beyond to help me recapture the order. ....everybody hung in there and dug it out with the whatever it takes attitude!  You guys are the best and I really mean that!! 

July 2015 - Congratulations to Glenn Wilson at our Smithfield Manufacturing Facility

Nominated by Jennifer Holsinger  "Glenn was incredibly helpful, polite and accommodating. Without hesitation he verified lot numbers and was more than willing to make a change for me....I got off the phone with Glenn both times feeling like I want all of our customers to feel when they call Hunter.... that we are the best in service and flexibility. I was very impressed."

June 2015  - Congratulations to Melissa Morin

"Until last week, I did not know Melissa Morin was a magician.  She saved a sizable order, pulling resources out of a hat and aligning them with customer expectations, doing so without hindering any other large order....I have come to see exactly what kind of asset Melissa is to Hunter Xci. She certainly exemplifies the mantra "Whatever it Takes"."

~Darren Butler 

June 2015 - Congratulations to Tyler Kuhn

..."Tyler Kuhn has helped me on a few large Iso jobs, and she has been fantastic!! I have talked her up to several people, I hope her cuperiors realize how good she is for customer relations!...."

~ Jimmy

(Thank you Jimmy - Tyler received 2 tickets to a Red Sox game as her Hunter Hero award!)

May 2015 - Congratulations to Christine Stewart and Russell Hatcher

christine HH

From: Lee
Date: May 19, 2015
To: Jennifer
Subject: Hunter Panel Memphis Market

Good evening Jennifer! I wanted to let someone with Hunter Panels know about the outstanding job that Christine Stewart and Russell Hatcher are doing for our branch (and have done) since it’s conception last April 2014. They both go that “extra mile” to make sure that all of our needs are met. Although I have been selling in the Memphis Market for almost 30 years, I never had the real opportunity to do business with Hunter. I now see what I was missing.
Christine and Russell, both industry professionals, are extremely prompt in returning calls, quoting projects completely and always make sure that our orders are shipped correctly! Putting those strong bullet points together with a quality Hunter panel product makes for a winning combination for both Hunter and West End! They bring VALUE to the partnership ; to me that speaks volume for Hunter panels!!
On behalf of Ron Carter; Branch Manager, myself and all of our Hunter Panels customers; we thank you for allowing us to be your business partner! We look forward to growing the business even further as time progresses. Please let your team know that they are doing an awesome job for us!


April 2015 - Congratulations to Marley Mitchell

"Thank you for the fabulous, comfy, new break room at the office. We appreciate all of your hard work !"

~ Portland Office Employees

April 2015  - Congratulations to Tyler Kuhn

"Tyler is one of the most helpful contacts I have ever talked to. Polite, informative and super friendly!  Kudos to her for a job ALWAYS well done"  

~ Justin, ABC Supply,  Michigan

March 2015 - Congratulations to Luke Gower

"Thank you Luke for steppin up and spearheading the Tapered Plotter Project!  thanks Luke!" 

~ from the Tapered Department

March 10, 2015 - Congratulations to Eben Robichaud

Eben IMG 4625

".... some very positive feedback from my North Texas team in our call today. Eben does a really good job prioritizing work and getting emergency requests pushed through!"

~ James


Congratulations to JustUsReps

Hunter Justus
The Senior Class of Just-Us Roofing Reps, these guys are members of the peer-selected group of exclusive “go to reps”.
Of course for their own protection, their level of service, special duties, performance and names are all top secret. These guys are so old they were roofing back when George Washington was a pup. (Just kidding :-))


November, 2014 - Congratulations to the Hunter Western Roofing Teamembers

Team Head Shot Al1c6ecc8carolyn teeter "… You have always delivered quality and responsiveness and it makes what we do considerably easier.
You have always met any crazy deadlines we have been up against and have been more than accommodating when dealing with us. Al, Sara and Carolyn, THANK YOU."

~ Troy, Portland Oregon

May 2014 - Congratulations to Members of Team Terrell

… it is just SO AWESOME to know that once I have turned a customer’s order over to your company that it will happen as planned without me having to make several calls/emails to get it happening, and then several more to follow up on it to make sure it happens.
From what I have seen over the years  from your company, this simple concept of conducting business and servicing the customer is routine procedure for you.  Unfortunately, it is not an industry standard over the various types of vendors I deal with.  That is why I am sending this email to make sure that the people that I dealt with today (Margie and Mindy) and the others that I have dealt with on previous occasions (Christine, Chris Hickey and Steve Pavey) know how much their friendliness, help and wonderful work is appreciated by those they provide those services to."

~ C. Cline, Texas

mindyheadshot crpd  margieheadshot crpd Christine Stewart  Chris Hickey  Steve
Margie Christine Chris









carolyn teeterMarch 2014 - Congratulations to Carolyn Teeter on being the first Hunter Hero

(Sometimes it’s a well-worn pair of Capezios!)
Western Inside Xci Sale Guru Hunter Hero
Handling Western Inside Sales for XCI, Carolyn is exemplary in quoting, order entry, match-ups, technical, problem solving, relationship advice, and so much more. Much more! She is  not only known for being very proactive with and for her customers, she exemplifies our “Whatever It Takes” attitude.* It’s no wonder that Hunter customers and reps absolutely love her and that she has been chosen as our very first Hunter Hero.
Yes, she even signs her emails, “Your longtime friend in ISO Sales!”

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