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"Christmas ain't over… Santa said so.”

By Brian Bernard
Christmas, 2015

Brian AlwardI was moved emotionally for the first time in sometime this morning. While at CVS drugstore in Belle Vernon, PA I noticed that their Christmas ‘stuff’ was on sale 75% off and they had Stereo Headphones included in the markdown. I bought a set for my daughter and then I thought of the children and families the Smithfield plant supports who live at our local family shelter. I thought to myself, this is great at this price I can buy them all and all the stereo earphones too!

While at the counter ringing up the sale, I told the clerk “Thank You” for having such a great discount, explained how our plant cares and gives back, and that the kids and families at the shelter would be so happy and excited to get such a great gift!

A man behind me asked if he heard me right that all these headphones were for children at a shelter. I told him that our plant raises donations and support each year for our community, especially at Christmas. The man said to me, please let me pay for this. He said, “I haven’t had a chance to do enough this year for others, especially for the less fortunate children.”

There was no talking him out of it either, he was insistent and he said to me, “Anonymous please”. I was taken back by his generosity and said to him that I may not know his name but I will let the folks at our company know of his kindness.

He said to me, “CVS did their part, you did yours, now let me do mine – and you tell the kids that Christmas isn’t over… you can tell them Santa said so.”

Postscript: I have three special needs teenage children - 17, 14, and 13. My children don’t believe in Santa anymore, but maybe I’ll try to convince them again by telling them this story. Maybe they’ll believe again. Hopefully children at the shelter will believe again - I know I believe because I met him!