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Not all roofing cover boards are the same. Why H-Shield HD and HD Composite save time and money!

Cover boards have the unique ability to enhance the overall performance of commercial roof systems. As a higher compressive strength substrate beneath the single-ply membrane coverboards enhance wind uplift, hail, foot traffic and even puncture resistance. By enhancing the overall roof system performance, often longer duration warranties and or higher peak gust wind speeds may be available.
Hunter Panels offers two different types of Cover boards. Below we will discuss the differences
Physical attributes of both products:
    • 109 psi max: Manufactured using premium performance facers
    • Hail Rating SH-1: Durable against Hail and high traffic due to 4 lbs/cf density foam core on the HD
    • Compatible with all roofing assemblies, reroof and new construction
    • Available in 47.5 x 47.5 and 47.5 x 95.5
H-Shield HD - this is Hunters standard cover board. Available in 1/2" only.  This coverboard only weighs 11 lbs per that makes it 8 times lighter than some of the other coverboards on the market. (note: Securerock weighs 88 lbs per board!) It also is easy to cut, handle and install. It also has an R Value of 2.5 - again, considerably higher than other coverboards.  We have put together an advantage sheet that compares the physical properties of Hunters HD and other Cover boards - click here to check it out  Hunter Cover Board Comparison Advantage Sheet
H-Shield HD Composite CG - this product is a composite panel (monolithic) made up of our standard cover board, H-Shield HD manufactured to H-Shield CG, a coated glass polyiso panel. This bottom portion is available in a multitude of thicknesses so if you are looking for a cover board option, with an increased r-value, all in one panel  - this is the product for you.
Another benefit of Hunter's composite cover board is the material, labor and adhesive savings at time of installation. For example - a spec calling for an R 22.2.   A traditional assembly would have  two layers of polyiso and a cover board vs Hunters HD Composite coverboard, plus a base layer of polyiso. The Hunter assembly can save as much as $30 a square on installation. Why? The composite is a monolithic panel, it has one less board to install to reach the desired R-Value.  The traditional method has 3 boards to install.  Thats more polyiso boards, more adhesive and more labor.  We have an advantage sheet that helps to illustrate this point:  Link to Hunter HD Composite CG Coverboard Advantage Sheet on Installation savings
Next time your spec calls for a cover board, try one of Hunter Panels two options. 
If we can answer an questions please call our technical department today, we have experts waiting to help. 888.746.1114.

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