H-Shield Premier is a rigid roof insulation panel composed of a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core manufactured on-line to an extra durable heavy duty coated glass facer on each side.


  • Achieves a UL Class A combustible deck assembly rating at a 1" thickness without the use of a fire rated slip sheet or gypsum cover board
  • Manufactured with NexGen Chemistry: Contains no CFCs, HCFCs, is Zero ODP, EPA Compliant, and has virtually no GWP
  • Provides improved dimensional stability, fire performance and passed (10) ASTM D 3273 Resistance to Mold test
  • Contact membrane manufacturers for reduced fastening requirements at other thicknesses

Product Literature

H-Shield Premier - FA 1"

H-Shield Premier Fastening Patterns for FA 1"
(112 KB)

For insulation thickness 1.0" H-Shield Premier Only (field attachment only)


H-Shield Premier Spec
(85 KB)

H-Shield, H-Shield CG
H-Shield Premier, H-Shield WF
Tapered H-Shield
Tapered H-Shield CG


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