Cool-Vent - St. Joseph Catholic Church, Sea Isle, New Jersey

Hunter Panels provided 4.5" Cool-Vent Roof. This is a perfect solution for steep-slop roofing such as on this church. Cool-Vent, a rigid insulation panel composed of polyisocyanurate foam core, is manufactured as a ventilated nailbase roof insulation panel. The steep-slope insulation board offers sustainable thermal insulating characteristics while also allowing air circulation within the roof assembly. A standard 1-inch air space permits airflow in all directions to give improved cooling and ventilation; this ventilation space helps reduce moisture vapor and heat build-up. Cool-Vent extends the life of the roofing system by nature of it's design. The polyiso insulation base provides the highest R-value per inch of any insulation panel.

profile cool vent stjosephsSt Joseph Catholic Church, Sea Isle NJ, is in the middle of an expansion project four times larger than the existing St. Joseph church, which was built in 1884. The 126-year-old church, which has a 225-seating capacity, is too small. The parish sometimes needs three locations to hold Sunday Mass during the summer.
The new expansion will be 1,300-seat capacity facility that will be erected alongside the current church, and the buildings will be connected.