About the dark coated glass facer: Due to raw material shortages, the dark coated glass facer is currently unavailable.  Our standard light colored facer is being used on both sides of all CG orders. Thank you.

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Hunter H-Shield CG

H-Shield-CG is a rigid roof insulation panel composed of a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core manufactured on-line to a premium performance coated glass facer on both sides.


  • Premium Performance Attributes
  • Manufactured with NexGen Chemistry: Contains no CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs is Zero ODP, EPA Compliant, and has virtually no GWP
  • Provides improved dimensional stability, fire performance and resistance to mold growth. Passed (10) Resistance to Mold test ASTM D 3273
  • Achieves a UL Class A combustible deck assembly rating without the use of a fire rated slip sheet or gypsum cover board when applied at a thickness of 1" or greater. Insulation joints must be staggered a minimum of 12" from the combustible deck joints. Maximum roof slope = ½”:12”
  • NEW Manufactured using premium performance coated glass facer with white on one side of the board and black on the other side, allowing the installer to choose which side to install up to control flash-off times fully adhered applications

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Product Information

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