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Cool Vent

Ventilated Nailbase Polyiso
  • Bottom layer polyiso, middle wood block spacers, top layer OSB or plywood
  • Available in overall thicknesses of 2.5" to 5"
  • Standard 1" airspace, 1.5" and 2" also available
  • Available with top substrates of 7" or 5" OSB, and 5" or 3" Plywood
  • OSB and Plywood rabbeted on all sides for expansion of wood substrates

H-Shield NB

H Shield NB
H-Shield NB
  • Manufactured with NexGen Chemistry: Contains no CFCs, HCFCs, is Zero ODP, EPA Compliant, and has virtually no GWP
  • A superior combination of high insulating properties and a nailable surface
  • Suitable for new construction and re-roofing on both commercial and residential projects
  • Incorporates APA-TECO Rated Exposure 1 OSB
  • The edges of the wood panels are rabbeted to allow for expansion and contraction of the wood, the foam edges shall be installed tightly to achieve thermal integrity across the entire roof deck

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