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H-Shield HD Composite CG is composed of two products, H-Shield HD - a 1⁄2" hi-density polyiso cover board - manufactured on-line to H-Shield CG - a premium performance faced polyiso - creating a monolithic composite panel. This product is ideal for commercial roofing projects that require high thermal efficiency combined with maximum durability in both new construction and retrofit applications. R-value is optimized with a thinner profile than any other insulation available on the market.


  • H-Shield HD Composite CG is produced on-line to achieve a monolithic panel that eliminates the need for cover boards, reduces inter-ply adhesives and saves labor
  • At 2" minimum thickness, approved for Class 1 insulated steel deck and UL Class A in virtually all roof assemblies
  • A minimum 3.0” thickness installed directly over a combustible deck will achieve a UL Class A
  • Passed (10) ASTM D 3273 Resistance to Mold Test
  • Hail rating - SH 1
  • Top facer of 1⁄2" high-density polyiso provides 109 psi max compressive strength
  • Foam core base layer provides 20 psi

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H-Shield HD
H-Shield HD Composite CG
H-Shield HD FR

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