The Builder and PUReWall™ by Hunter Panels

Why should I use PUReWall™ on my next project?
60 Fewer HoursIf you’re a builder, you’ve probably experienced the pain of struggling to find a consistent supply of high quality jobsite labor. Or you have had weather or climate limit your ability to build on site as the environment is unstable. You’ve probably also thought about, or even implemented, a panelized wall assembly construction process to alleviate some of those workforce bottlenecks.

The idea of introducing a brand new panelized wall assembly technology, like PUReWall™ by Hunter Panels, to your proven construction process might leave you with some questions. Hunter Panels understands, and that’s why we worked with Covestro for the last 5 years developing, testing, tweaking, and ultimately, proving PUReWall™ technology. And, we have proactively addressed some your most important questions:

Where can I use PUReWall™?
Anywhere in the United States! By simply varying Hunter PW-CG Polyiso thickness, PUReWall™ is easily configurable to meet or exceed code requirements in North American climate zones 1 – 8, and can even meet net zero-ready requirements

IMG 9319 webIs PUReWall™ as stong as a wooden-sheathed wall?
Yes! PUReWall™ is structurally comparable to a traditional wood stud / OSB sheathing wall assembly in racking strength. With appropriate structural connectors, PUReWall™ can be engineered for use in all regions of the United States, including areas with high wind and seismic concerns.

How is PUReWall™ different than a traditional panel wall assembly?
25 Less WoodIt’s typically more cost-effective and energy-efficient. The continuous insulation on Hunter PUReWall™ acts as both the exterior sheathing and as a weather-resistant barrier, replacing the traditional sheathing and house wrap. It is highly energy-efficient, and when used in conjunction with Hunter PW-STR foam, creates a robust, high performance wall using only a 2x4 stud with 24” on center placement

PUReWall Hunter Assembly tags What are the components that make up PUReWall™?
PUReWall™ is comprised of a proprietary Polyisocyanurate Rigid foam insulation manufactured by Hunter Panels – ºspecifically manufactured for Hunter's PUReWall™ technology, Hunter PW-CG. Hunter manufactures this product in a variety of thickness which correspond to the specific U value or R-value for your climate zone.  Polyiso insulation has the highest R-value per inch of any foam plastic insulation and has been the leading insulation in many types building applications for years.

PUReWall™ also utilizes Hunter PW-STR foam, a patented structural spray foam formulation designed specifically for the PUReWall™ technology. Both items are ordered through Hunter Panels, shipped to the panelizer where the framing is built and components added.

Will it meet current model energy codes?
Yes. IMG 8689 Florida webThrough the use of PUReWall™ Hunter PW-CG Polyisocyanurate on the exterior and Hunter PW-STR Structural Spray Foam between the studs, PUReWall™ is scalable to meet current energy codes, including requirements for continuous insulation. PUReWall™ can be designed to perform well beyond existing building codes, making it a good fit for net zero and passive home designs.

What does PUReWall™ Cost?
30x Less WastePer linear foot, the cost of  PUReWall™ is typically comparable to or lower than a traditional panelized wall assembly. This is possible because PUReWall™ has components that serve multiple purposes – such as structure, insulation, and barrier control layers – which allow it to eliminate common building materials in the wall assembly

Do I have to alter my plans and specs to adapt for PUReWall™?
The technology involved in PUReWall™ will require some modifications to existing wall construction. Hunter Panels is committed to helping adjust current wall designs to incorporate PUReWall™ technology.

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