What is PUReWall™ by Hunter Panels?




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purewall builders pg slider 08With Purewall ArtIts innovative design replaces traditional exterior sheathing with a combination of Hunter Panels PW-CG (a proprietary rigid polyisocyanurate continuous insulation panel on the exterior), and Hunter Panels PW-STR (a proprietary structural spray foam formulation in the wall cavity). Both types of insulation are provided by Hunter Panels and installed at the panelization facility. The panelization facility ships ready to install framed walls to the job site.

PUReWall™ is a continuously insulated, highly energy-efficient wall, that is also structural. It uses Hunter's new proprietary structural foam formulation that works in combination with the polyiso and framing lumber to create a structural wall panel. Hunter PW-STR Foam is applied in an environmentally controlled setting within the panel facility, which allows for repeatable, tight tolerance construction.

PUReWall™ Innovative Technology

Continuous insulation coupled with taped joints function as a weather, air and vapor resistive barrier. This construction provides long-term durability for years of comfortable and worry-free living.

  • 2x4 construction with framing 16" or 24" on center –
    2" Hunter PW-CG Polyiso, 1.5" Hunter PW-STR Foam up to R-23 (U-0.044) to meet 2015 IECC
  • purewall panelizer pg slider 052x6 construction with framing 16" or 24" on center –
    2" Hunter PW-CG Polyiso, 2" Hunter PW-STR Foam up to R-34 (U-0.030) with R-19 fiberglass batt added in the field – Net Zero capable
  • Increased R-value and decreased air infiltration allows for lower HERS scores
  • Hunter PW-CG Polyiso board in combination with Hunter PW-STR Foam meets most racking strength requirements without wood sheathing
  • Continuous insulation reduces thermal bridging and provides a water resistive barrier when taped
  • Hunter PW-CG Polyiso with coated glass facer and taped joints passes ASTM E331 as a weather resistive barrier

Hunter Panels and Covestro

Hunter Panels, in partnership with Covestro, is bringing time and cost-saving technology to the residential construction market. Our first integrated residential wall construction advancement – PUReWall™ – is a smart-solution for the skilled labor shortage. This panelized wall assembly reduces job site labor, shortens build time and cuts homeowner energy costs, all while ensuring a high quality system.

20180425 132250The partnership between Covestro, the largest global producer of polyurethane raw materials, and Hunter Panels, a division of Carlisle Construction Materials, the largest domestic manufacturer of SPF and polyisocyanurate insulation, is paving the way forward in residential wall construction.

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