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Put the complete Hunter Xci AEGIS Wall System™ to work for you. Hunter Panels has you covered with a single-source solution of products designed to make your next project come together simply and efficiently. As a leading Innovator of polyiso products, we know what it takes to help you build with confidence.


  • Thinner, energy-efficient, code-compliant walls allow for more usable square footage.
  • Single source solution provides peace of mind surrounding air, water, and thermal protection.
  • Multi-functionality of materials reduces number of trips around the building minimizing installation costs.
  • Simplified installation for wall assembly: cladding attaches into OSB or plywood substrate directly over barrier material
  • Systemization ensures compatibility of materials performing key functions within the wall assembly.
To Learning more about the AEGIS Wall System, contact your Regional Sales Manager or Local Sales Rep

check mark greenSo how did we get the name? And how do you say it you ask?
pronounced "e-jis" 

Xci Audio art  ae·gis/ejis/   

Aegis is a noun and means protection, backing or support of a particular person or organization. In classical greek mythology the word aegis denoted armor of a shield especially that of a god. We have  a Greek regional manager and 100% credit for the name goes to our own Dimo Valtas. Congrats Dimo - we liked it so much, we trademarked it! 

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NFPA 285 Compliant Wall Assemblies for for Xci Ply, Xci Ply Class A


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