Hunter Xci AIA-CEU Course HP110

Provider: Hunter Panels K169

Course: 0HP110
Course Title:
Continuous Insulation and Beyond. Design solutions that offer energy efficiency, thermal value, fire performance and moisture control.
(1) LU/HSW
Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the advancement of National Model Energy Codes as they relate to the energy efficiency of the building envelope
  2. Define and understand “continuous insulation” and how its use effects energy code compliance, current ASHRAE Standards, LEED, and the International Energy Conservation Code.
  3. Understand the environmental features and benefits of polyisocyanurate insulation including thermal performance, long service life, recycled content, negligible GWP and zero ODP.
  4. Understand the NFPA 285 fire test and its role in code compliant wall assemblies