Hunter EPD Summary Sheet
(EPD) for Hunter Panels Roof and Wall Polyiso Products
(102 KB)
LEED V4 Polyiso by PIMA
Polyiso EPD's Highlights for Roof and Wall
(314 KB)
PIMA Technical Bulletin 401
Polyiso Insulation in Masonry Cavity Walls
(150 KB)
PIMA Technical Bulletin 402
Polyiso Insulation and Water Absorption: Does Moisture Matter?
(124 KB)
PIMA Technical Bulletin 403
What it is, what it does, and why you need it
(303 KB)
PIMA Technical Bulletin 404
Moisture Sorption of Building Materials
(470 KB)
Wall Polyiso EPD by PIMA
PIMA manufacturer members were used for the underlying life cycle assessment. Data results in this declaration represent the combined weighted average production for these members.
(808 KB)


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